Color Correcting Crayons/Japonesque - Lead
Credit: Courtesy (3); Time Inc. Digital Studios (3)

Though they resemble the contents of the Crayola 12-pack you used to stash in your pencil case, Japonesque's Color Correcting Crayons are better suited for crafting a makeup masterpiece over your typical arts and crafts project.

If you've ever had a stubborn red spot no amount of flesh-toned concealer will seem to cover up, a color corrector in a mint, violet, or yellow could be the answer. Despite their pastel appearance, the crayons won't leave you looking like an Easter egg—the pigments help to mute out uneven spots, allowing a neutral concealer or foundation to be easily layered on top.

When the abundance of pollen in the air leaves your complexion with a slightly-ruddy finish, the pale green crayon will counteract redness on your skin and around your nose, and can even be blended onto your lids if you happened to rub your eyes one too many times.

For hiding the signs of an all-night Netflix binge, the yellow crayon can help to lift the shadows under your eyes, and as an added bonus, it can tone down the effect of a curling iron burn.

To battle hyperpigmentation or sun spots, reach for the lilac concealer, which can also be used to cancel out those gnarly-looking yellow bruises.

We recommend working product into your skin with a wet Beauty Blender sponge until the shade isn't so obvious, then patting a shade close to your own complexion over the top. Find the Japonesque Color Correcting Crayons for $22 each at now!