A Concert For Our Oceans
Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

January Jones's Mad Men character Betty may have been adored for her impeccable outfits but the actress has her own killer style. Yesterday in Beverly Hills, Calif., the 37-year-old starlet stepped out in a look that she pieced together herself just moments before arriving to Oceana’s A Concert for Our Oceans. “It was what was in my closet. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna get to come—I had to work,” she told InStyle at the event. "So I did everything last minute."

Despite the actress’s hurried getup, she gleamed in the black lace Zimmermann dress and bright red Nicholas Kirkwood pumps. And while the mom, who is a staunch supporter of the charitable organization, arrived solo, she was eager to talk about how much her 4-year-old son, Xander, also loves both the underwater world and all things prehistoric. “We read a lot of books about sharks and dinosaurs. He wants to go swimming with sharks with me, but I told him he has to wait till he’s 10. It’s a fair age, I think,” she told us. “He knows the names of every dinosaur and he wants to be a real dinosaur scientist when he grows up.”

We’re sure young Xander takes to books for most of his brainy fun facts, but there’s no denying that January isn’t a prime source of inspiration. What’s the beauty’s favorite nighttime activity? “Swimming—I’m not a daredevil. I like Jet Skiing. It’s hard to do in the ocean, though. Boating ... I love all things in the ocean. I don’t love to scuba dive. I get a little claustrophobic. When I do trips with Oceana, I usually free dive,” Jones said. She also added that she can impressively hold her breath under water for “maybe a minute tops.” Consider her the world’s coolest mom.

—With reporting by Brandi Fowler

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