Credit: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

In case you didn't know, actress January Jones moonlights as a comedian. Taking some inspiration from Ricky Gervais, the former Mad Men star showed off her goofy side by imitating the comic's hilarious bathtub Instagrams.

Jones posted three laugh-out-loud snaps in a row on the social media platform, and the results were just as funny as you'd expect. She started off the series with a photo of her pretending to be asleep in the bathtub. "I was inspired by @rickygervais to do a bathtub series," she wrote alongside the snap (below). "I'm calling it 'a bathtub series not by Ricky Gervais but by me.' This one is called 'fake sleeping in a tub without a cat'. #gotoffworktooearlytoday."

The next photo shows Jones looking a bit apprehensive as she sinks lower into the tub. "2nd one in the series titled: 'How far under I could get without dropping my phone in the tub or on my face..sans cat,'" she captioned the 'gram (below).

In her final photo, the star gets a bit meta. "#3 titled: 'looking at a picture of Ricky Gervais and his cat while I'm in the tub' #sorryifimgettingtooheavyforsomeofyounonartpeople," she wrote (below).

It's safe to say that Gervais has some serious competition when it comes to his signature bathtub 'grams.