American icon (and InStyle cover star) Janet Jackson is no stranger to the many beauty fads of the past few decades — in fact, she’s tried most of them.

Jackson, 52, whose nipple piercing was put on display for millions at the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, is now certifiably piercing-free. During her body jewelry heyday, the singer had her nipple, septum, and Librium pierced, as well as, uh, a few other things, like … “I can’t say that … ” Jackson mutters coyly, laughing in the video at top.

“I don’t want to ruin the feeling. I’ve pierced it once before and I’m afraid to pierce it again, but I’d like to have it again," she continues. "You have to be very careful, ‘cause it could actually cut the feeling completely off and you have no feeling whatsoever.”

On a less risqué note, Janet’s beauty must-have is surprisingly easy to come by. You can find it for under $10 at your local drug store. Perhaps enriched by its sentimental value, Jackson says Castile soap has been used in her family for generations. She credits the cleanser for her age-defying skin — that and her DNA, of course.

Watch the video above for more essential beauty intel from Jackson.