By Olivia Bahou
May 03, 2016 @ 1:45 pm

Jane Fonda: actress, model, fitness guru, professional skinny-dipper? The star stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show and told the host about not one but two times that she swam in the nude with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars during Tuesday's episode.

The first story that Fonda told was of the late Michael Jackson, who came to visit her when she was shooting On Golden Pond and stayed in her cabin on the lake. “He stayed with me for about eight days. One night it was a full moon and he said, ‘Let’s go swimming!’ It was his idea,” she said.

“When he said, ‘Let’s go swimming,’ did he mean, like, nude?” the host asked. “Well, he hadn’t brought a bathing suit,” Fonda responded. But that wasn’t her first time skinny-dipping with a famous star.

“I was about 16 and my father had rented a house in the South of France, right on the water,” she said, explaining that her social stepmother always had celebrities around the house but they paid no attention to the teen—until Greta Garbo showed up. “She said, ‘Do you want to go swimming?’” Fonda recalled. 

"She came out with a robe and one of those white, serious, tight rubber caps. ... She dropped her robe and, oh my god, her body. It made me so happy because it was so beautiful but it wasn’t Playboy body. It was athlete body. She was so sleek and she dove into that cold water,” the 78-year-old said. “We were face-to-face in the water, treading water, and she said, ‘Do you want to be an actress?’ And I said, ‘No.’ And she said, ‘Well, you’re pretty enough, you should be.’ I almost drowned,” Fonda joked.

Watch the full clip above to hear about her wild encounters, plus how she really feels about aging.