She's styled Katy Perry, Nicole Richie, and Suki Waterhouse. And now, celebrity stylist Jamie Mizrahi is in charge of making over Juicy Couture.

On Monday, the company that made bonbon-hued tracksuits a thing announced Mizrahi as its new creative director. Nope, she's not a classically trained designer. But, the appointment is kind of genius.

“You pay stylists and celebrities to work with a brand, so why not go straight to the source?” Nick Woodhouse, president and chief marketing officer of Authentic Brands Group, told WWD. “Not only does Jamie have a great social following, her clients do too, and with a generation that’s so influenced by celebrity, she sees it all and lives that Juicy lifestyle.” Remember, kids: social reach is everything. (Also, side note: Who doesn't want a "juicy lifestyle?")

Mizrahi told WWD that she has no plans to totally reinvent Juicy Couture. What she does hope to do, however, is continue "to make it feel fun and wearable" while giving the clothes a modern edge. Yes, we know what you're wondering: WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR THE TRACKSUITS?

Oh, you'll get your tracksuits. But, when Mizrahi launches her version, they'll be made from some lighter-weight materials in addition to velour and French Terry. Plus, she'll throw in compression leggings and bodysuits. Trust: There will be something for everyone/ every Paris Hilton acolyte. (Kidding about the Paris Hilton part.) (Though we kind of are her acolytes.)

We won't have toolong to wait until we can get our hands on Mizrahi's collection, either: her first line for Juicy Couture is set to hit stores for Spring 2018.