By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Jan 09, 2019 @ 12:15 pm

When the Fiji Water Girl (alias Kelleth Cuthbert) took over the background of dozens of Golden Globes celeb photos, the internet was (mostly) delighted. Who was this party crasher, this ambitious scene stealer shooting her shot? It may have seemed like good fun as the world worked to ID her, but Jamie Lee Curtis was not laughing.

The actress was featured in a photo on CNN's website that showed Cuthbert eyeing Curtis from afar, and Curtis called out how weird the whole experience was.

Jamie Lee Curtis lead
Credit: Todd Williamson/NBC

"So, my husband, who doesn’t look at a lot of show business news sites, just mentioned that I was on the CNN website. I specifically moved away from the blatant promotions by Fiji and Moet where young women with their trays filled with their wares stood near a designated camera. I knew why there was a photographer poised there and I moved away as I said out loud that I didn’t want to be doing advertising for either," Curtis wrote on Instagram.

"Clearly this angle shows that I moved from her being behind me and yet from the side it still happens. The sponsors of events need to get permission from people when they get them to take their picture next to products."

After the Globes hype died down, others also began to take issue with the "PR stunt," just like Curtis.

No word yet on what Cuthbert thinks of it all, but if we had to guess, we'd say she's probably off somewhere sipping Fiji Water like this.