Jamie Chung Explains Why She Loves Wearable Tech—and What to Stay Away from on Instagram

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Jamie Chung x Fossil - Lead
Photo: fossil/Instagram

Is it possible to merge an adventurous, wireless spirit with easy-to-use wearable tech? Jamie Chung surely thinks so, which is why the 33-year-old actress has joined Fossil as one of the brand's fall kin ambassadors and support of its sleek Q wearables. “I love being in the outdoors and I love exploring and I love traveling. And the whole spirit of this campaign is to get in tune with your curiosity and go on adventures—it’s really fun to be a part of,” Chung tells InStyle of her involvement.

That sense of curiosity has always lived within her, too. “I think my parents were so excited to get rid of us for the summer, so we did like a stayaway camp—it was campfires, playing pranks, going on hikes,” the star jokingly adds of her fascination with getting away.

So how, exactly, does she herself use the Q technologies, which, by the way, track your every mile and keep you updated on important news. “I’m always checking the weather to see when it’s a good time,” she says. The former Big Hero 6 star also uses the tool to count her steps each time she walks her adorable pup, Ewok, who she describes as “photogenic.”

Speaking of photographs, Chung proudly delivered all of her Instagram know-how. “I use some filters for lighting, but I think when it’s too fabricated and it’s too photoshopped, it just sends the wrong message,” she says. “I feel like the less selfies, the better, that’s what fans want to see, but I think it’s more interesting to see your environment.”

As for her most memorable time camping, let’s just say it wasn’t for all the right reasons. She once traveled with husband Bryan Greenberg and experienced the true perils of nature: “It was just so cold. We went in the spring and our sleeping bags weren’t warm enough—our tent wasn’t either. I was wearing all of his clothes and he didn’t have anything to wear. I kid you not, I looked over and he’s like shivering, pale, and had a faint frost on his beard. After the first night we left.”

Sounds like a sleepy, scrappy device could have come in handy. Scroll through for more images from the Fossil campaign.

We'll be sure to include these on our next camping adventure.

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