The Four Horsemen Lead
Credit: Justin Chung

Every detail of The Four Horsemen, LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy's buzzed-about new wine bar in Brooklyn's Williamsburg neighborhood, was carefully considered by the musician himself—and you'll find that, when it comes to dining, he has impeccable taste. From the second you walk through the nondescript entrance, you'll notice a large modern wooden bar, each stool pristinely set with a plate, cutlery, and, of course, a wine glass. (If it wasn't clear, Murphy is a self-professed oenophile).

Walk further and you'll land in the dining room area, where guests sit at cedar wood tables listening to smooth electro pulsating through the specially-engineered sound system—created by Murphy, naturally, and designed with sound-absorbent panels on the ceiling to create balanced acoustics. With sonic peace achieved, you'll be able to fully lend your focus to the menu, which includes cheese, homemade bread, vegetable and meat tapas, and larger dishes prepared by chef Nick Curtola, formerly of Park Slope pizza joint Franny's.

Below, our cheat sheet.

What to Eat:

The roasted whole porgy fish, served with generous sides of shaved zucchini and pickled radishes, is the perfect-sized main course to share with one or two others after a sampling of tapas. Lemon zest provides additional flavor, and the warm farro underneath ensures you'll finish full.

Fish, Four Horseman
Credit: Alex Reside for

What to Drink:

Seeing as it is a wine bar, take your pick from one of the labels on the extensive wine list, cleverly organized by "pink drinks," "red drinks," and, yes, "orange drinks." We were fans of the rosés in particular ('tis the season, after all), our choice bottle being the Vin de France "Le Rosé d'Folie" Gamay Jean-Paul Brun for its crisp, thirst-quenching taste that goes well with a range of dishes. But the orange wines, if only for their trendiness, are also worth trying.

The Four Horsemen
Credit: Justin Chung

When to Go:

The kitchen opens at 5:30 p.m. Monday through Sunday, which makes it the perfect stop for a post-work glass of vino (or several) and tapas.

What to Wear:

Take a cue from the uber-hip waiters, clad in fitted jeans and crisp button-downs (buttoned all the way to the top, of course). If you're looking to make a day out of your Brooklyn jaunt, the surrounding area offers a slew of vintage shops, including What Goes Around Comes Around and 10 Ft. Single, all within a 10-block radius of the restaurant.