By Isabel Jones
Updated Jan 11, 2019 @ 10:30 am

Kate Middleton’s little brother just made his Instagram public and it’s the most glorious royal-adjacent news we’ve heard since Pippa’s butt became a cultural touchstone.

James Middleton, whose famous followers include singer (and alleged Prince Harry ex) Ellie Goulding, has something of a formula when it comes to his feed: DOGS. That’s it, really. OK, he often includes himself alongside the dogs, but they truly steal the show.

James Middleton IG Lead
Credit: Instagram/jmidy

Like his sister’s grandmother-in-law the Queen, James is partial to one breed in particular: the black cocker spaniel. From the sheer volume of spaniels in his photos (and a couple Golden Retrievers as well), it appears he may be a breeder.

And though from the looks of it his life is filled with canine love, his livelihood involves a much more practical matter: putting photos on marshmallows.

Before you write off Mr. Middleton as that dog-loving marshmallow guy, know that he’s sentimental in matters regarding people as well. He celebrated the birth of niece Prince Charlotte by drinking pink champagne!

But don’t get too invested. In the grand tradition of sexy and emotionally available men, he has a girlfriend, the kind that reportedly works in PR and gets to tag along on super casual jaunts to St. Barths with other non-royal Middletons.

Now please enjoy a curated sampling of James’s feed: