Kate Middleton's Brother Shared a Peek Into Her Family's Home

Not too shabby.

James Middleton didn't just give his followers a look at his clean-shaven face in his latest Instagram post. Kate Middleton's brother debuted a new look, sure, but he also gave everyone an insider's look at the house that the Middleton family currently lives in, Bucklebury Manor. While it's technically not the house that Kate and her siblings grew up in, the manor is where James and his fianéee, Alizee, are staying with his parents, Carole and Michael.

James's clip doesn't offer much in terms of interior shots, but followers can see plenty of the garden, including Michael and Carole sitting in the garden and enjoying a glass of wine. Marie Clairereports that the home is a Georgian-style manor and tosses in the not-so-minor fact that it's probably where Prince George spent the first few weeks of his life.

Kate's parents purchased the house in 2012. Before they lived there, the family lived in Bradfield, Berkshire, in a smaller four-bedroom house. Compare that to the 18-acres that surround Bucklebury Manor. Though James's video is sweet (and revealing), he told his followers that the shave was to surprise his fiancée since the two had to postpone their wedding.

"Alizee and myself were due to get married this month," James said, "She's never seen me without a beard, so I thought it was about time."

The new beard-free look is great, but the look at the house — however small — may be just as good.

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