Beyonce James Franco Lead
Credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage; Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

James Franco proved yet again that he's game for anything when it comes to artistic expression (of any kind).

The Why Him? star was spotted channeling Beyoncé in Los Angeles earlier this week, rocking a long off-the-shoulder, ruffled yellow dress along with a wig and a bandana around his head as he strolled down a sidewalk.

While Franco didn't have a bat in his hand, the look was nothing short of Lemonade inspired. Queen Bey rocked nearly the same dress (the dreamier, Roberto Cavalli version) in her "Hold Up" music video from the hit album as she she strutted down a sidewalk in sky-high heels with blazes of fire behind her, smashed the window of a car, and simply made our jaws drop.

And yes, Franco—who might be an official member of the Beyhive now—had on a pair of heels as well as he gave his best imitation of Bey's Lemonade stylings.

So far, Franco hasn't given any indication why he was wearing the dress on the streets of L.A., but since there is a video camera and members of a crew behind him in the photos, it's safe to say the ensemble was for an undisclosed project.

This is just the latest time that Franco has shown off his transformative skills while channeling a music artist. Last month, he brought out his inner-Riff Raff again for an "Only in America" music video.