By Lara Walsh
Aug 02, 2016 @ 12:00 pm

James Corden's latest episode of the Late Late Show might be his most daunting yet. In a sketch from Monday's show, the British funnyman goes to visit his "brother from another mother" Matt Damon on the set of a Jason Bourne movie, and his dreams of co-starring alongside the 45-year-old Oscar winner as his "younger, sexier brother" Sebastian Bourne are quickly crushed.

Damon reluctantly invited the 37-year-old talk-show host to the set after a surprise run-in outside of Cinnabon, and an ecstatic Corden arrives in high spirits, not noticing at first that he's wearing the exact same brown leather jacket and blue shirt as the actor, whom the host adamantly claims could pass as his twin. But then Corden gets way more than he bargained for by having to serve as Damon's stunt double. He gets punched in the face, jumps off a bridge, and even gets hit by a train, all in the name of making the action movie seem legitimate. Needless to say, Corden decides that the two really don't look all that similar at the end of the ordeal.

Click on the video at top to see how it all plays out.