Credit: James Charles/Twitter

Last September, high school senior James Charles sent the beauty blogosphere into frenzy when he tweeted an image of his perfectly-strobed yearbook photo next to an image of himself prepping for said photo—props included.

Since the tweet went viral, James Charles’s star has risen to insane heights. With a CoverGirl campaign and 2 million Instagram followers under his belt, Charles is pretty much the coolest high schooler around.

In the grand tradition of high school yearbooks, the beauty guru’s photo has finally been published—and obviously, it’s fabulous.

“So the senior yearbooks finally came out today...,” Charles captioned his radiant pic. His senior quote? Fittingly extra, of course: “’Use code ‘JAMES’ for 10% off your purchase at checkout.’”

Behold, the final product:

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Slay, James, SLAAAAY.