By Christopher Luu
Jan 07, 2019 @ 12:15 am
Todd Williamson/NBC/Getty Images

At the 2019 Golden Globes, there were plenty of scripted jokes — but the one that stole the show may have been nothing more than an accident. While The Good Place star Jameela Jamil was walking down the red carpet before the show, the chyron — that's TV talk for the graphics along the bottom of the screen — read "Kamilah Al-Jamil." No, it wasn't just a Adele Dazeem situation. Instead, it looks like whoever was in charge of the graphics at E! mixed up Jamil with her fictional character's fictional sister, Kamilah Al-Jamil. 

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Who is Kamilah Al-Jamil? Fans of The Good Place already know, but for anyone looking for a quick primer, she's the sister of Jamil's charcter, Tahani Al-Jamil. Kamilah, played by Rebecca Hazlewood, is known for overshadowing her sister while she was still alive. According to Variety, Kamilah's name actually translates to "perfect."

Todd Williamson/NBC/Getty Images

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Slate unearthed a pretty telling video illustrating the not-so-healthy sibling dynamic. To say that Tahani's high-strung would be an understatement and it goes without saying that the cruel joke-slash-amazing E! hijinks wouldn't sit well with her.

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Fans were quick to point out the error. It wasn't all bad, however, since Jamil thought it was hilarious. It almost felt like an inside joke for E! (which is part of NBC, the network that airs The Good Place). In an example of art imitating life, Jamil managed to get overshadowed just like her character on the show. But unlike her character, who's definitely prone to tantrums and making a big deal out of nothing at all, Jamil took the joke and ran with it. 

It was certainly A Moment, so many thanks to both Jameela and Kamilah.