The Good Place star is inspiring (yet another) movement. 

Body-positive icon and actress Jameela Jamil is leading the charge against airbrushing, and, naturally, she’s doing so by example.

In a tweet on Friday, the Good Place star shared a new poster for the NBC comedy’s new season as well as a close-up of the left side of her body. “Finally able to INSIST my image, even on billboards isn’t ever airbrushed. I get backfat in Every. Single. Bra. And I used to hide/bin so many photos because of ‘muffin tops.’ Double chins/ ‘imperfections’ because I never saw them on people on TV. #freethebackfat #letabitchlive,” she wrote.

Jamil, who’s spoken often about the body dysmorphia and anorexia that plagued her teen years, commented further, explaining, “I’m aware this isn’t some huge victory, and not ‘brave’ but as someone who had such obsessive body dysmorphia and was so fixated on the embarrassment of what we perceive as ‘flaws’ this is just a little win for little anorexic teenage me.”

Driving home her message about airbrushing, Jamil wrote, “I know it’s hard because we are perpetually scrutinized and criticized in this industry, but I’m begging other influencers, actors, and models to join me in not allowing airbrushing. We have to stop setting standards for others that we ourselves don’t even meet. #letabitchlive.”

Praying #LetaBitchLive becomes 2019’s #YOLO.