Please Listen to Jake Gyllenhaal Wax Poetic About His New Sourdough Starter

Like you, he's found a new quarantine activity.

Like you, Jake Gyllenhaal has found new ways to occupy himself during this self-isolation period. And, (probably) like you and everyone else on Instagram, it has something to do with sourdough bread starter.

Gyllenhaal joined in on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday, and immediately proved himself to be an excellent sourdough caretaker, shushing Colbert and telling him, "Shh, I have sourdough rising. Shh. It needs to rest. It's resting."

"As my hair's grown longer and as I've sort of slowly inched into the hipster world, I've found myself falling in love with sourdough," he said. "Actually, I have nothing to do and I have a good friend who's a baker in San Francisco, and we were talking — and I hate this, but I was like, 'Can you teach me how to do a sourdough starter?' And so off I went."

He added that his friend, who goes by the very apt name Josie Baker, sent him a starter in the mail: "I thought it was some illegal substance. And then I used it. It didn't fully work, but she sent me some rye flour with it too."

And, well, we'll just let you hear him wax poetic about sourdough and give Colbert some starter advice for yourself.

Also during the interview, he discussed that viral Instagram challenge he took part in, telling Colbert that he tried to cheat his way out of it.

“I thought, 'oh, I’m gonna be funny and I’m gonna turn my camera upside down and I’m gonna do it right side up. And I’m just gonna let the shirt fall into my hands,'" he said. "I tried it legitimately four times before I realized, every time I turned my camera back over, it went right side up. So then I thought I should probably try it, and I tried it, and... it was okay."

"Okay" is probably not the word the internet would use to describe it, but we'll take that modesty.

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