By Lara Walsh
Mar 24, 2017 @ 8:45 am

A certain comment about Jake Gyllenhaal's superior cooking abilities and a giggle-inducing video of the actors answering the wackiest Google autocomplete questions together show that while Ryan Reynolds may be finding himself in the dog house these days (literally) thanks to his newfound bromance with his Life co-star, their lovefest isn't going anywhere soon.

Gyllenhaal made an appearance on Thursday's episode of Late Night to talk about his new movie, during which host Seth Meyers questioned the real-life validity of his newfound friendship with the Deadpool star.

"We are friends. Is it because of my stone cold heart, or what is it?" the 36-year-old deadpanned, before adding. "He's just a great dude. He's just great."

To prove his point to the skeptical host, the Nightcrawler star decided to FaceTime the dad-of-two straight from the show, hilariously patting himself down as he said, "I've got to look good." And while the 40-year-old proved hard to get a hold of at first, he later called back on video while the late night emcee was off-stage.

"He's calling back!" Gyllenhaal triumphantly yelled as he flashed the actor's face towards the audience and performed a literal mic drop with his phone. "Wait, Ryan, wait! Seth's not here because he didn't believe we were friends."

"I'm pushing baby strollers," Reynolds reported to the audience, before signing off with, "I'm going to get my lips done. Bye!"

Catch the actors' bromance in the video at the top!