Credit: Walter McBride/WireImage

We'll never quit you, Jake Gyllenhaal. But this Sunday, the actor's Broadway drama, Constellations, is indeed coming to an end. The play, which had a two-month run, marked the stellar Broadway debut of Gyllenhaal and co-star Ruth Wilson.

Penned by Nick Payne, the story followed Roland (Gyllenhaal), a bee keeper, and Marianne (Wilson), a quantum physicist, throughout their star-crossed relationship. The twist? As the couple begins to date, multiple outcomes to all of their choices play out on the stage. An example: when Roland and Marianne meet-cute at a friend's barbecue, several versions of the scene runs back-to-back. In one universe, Roland already has a girlfriend. In another, Marianne is getting over a bad breakup of her own. Each time a scene starts over, we see an altered future and a glimpse into what might have been.

While the concept was a bit complex, the actors themselves were spectacular. Gyllenhaal and Wilson gave brilliantly nuanced performances that conveyed the sweet, sad, and even awkward moments of dating (all while whipping through the space time continuum, no less). It was also nice to see a softer side of Gyllenhaal again, who has recently chosen darker roles that require extreme physical transformations, like his eerie turn in Nightcrawler and the upcoming boxing film, Southpaw, out July 31. And Wilson, who is still fresh off her Golden Globe win for The Affair, gave another emotionally gripping and totally award worthy turn. Tony nom, anyone?