By Christina Shanahan
Updated Aug 20, 2015 @ 1:15 pm

When Jaime King gave birth to her second son Leo Thames, her newborn already had some serious street cred-- his godmother is Taylor Swift, after all. So when it came to designing a nursery for him and big brother James Knight, King teamed up with Cricket's Circle, an online resource for new moms, and RH Baby & Child to create a space that's as chic as it is functional. "Jaime and I were pregnant and designing our nurseries at the same time which made the collaboration effortless and especially fun to trade tips and ideas," Rachel Blumenthal, founder and CEO of Cricket's Circle, told InStyle. The goal? To re-purpose King's existing sunroom into a space that could be used as a nursery, office, and family room. Read on for the tips that King shared with Cricket's Circle on her decor philosophy.

Choose To Be A Minimalist

Chris Patey

"I realized pretty quickly that what was lacking on blogs and Pinterest was how modern parents can incorporate a growing family in a smaller space. And staying in our home--a historical mid-century house with incredible energy--meant making our sunroom-turned-nursery beautiful, elegant, and chic…and without an overflow of toys that would go ignored. Kids don’t need a million things to have fun."

Purge, Purge, Purge

Chris Patey

"People idealize a huge house, but to me, if every part of a home isn’t being used, it feels like a waste of energy and space. But to make a small space work, you have to be diligent about purging and donating. It makes it so much easier to work, think, and breathe – the more we collect, it piles up in the subconscious. Just clear it! If you’re done, donate it and move on! It’s so important to raise your kids to understand that it’s not about having a lot of things. If you have fewer things, you cherish them more."

Find Your Balance

Chris Patey

"The other day, my friends and I were hanging out on the daybed while James Knight was coloring and just enjoying the space – it made me really happy. I feel like we fit in all the things we wanted, and it’s still a functional beautiful space for a baby."