Jaime King Perm
Credit: Billy Farrell/BFA/REX/Shutterstock

There are some trends you try, and there are others that you just appreciate all your daring friends trying. Two-toned lipstick? Sure! Barbed wire brows? That's for Jenna! You might have filed away perms as something you'd never road-test, but we're here to tell you that things have majorly changed since good ol' 1986. Oh, and Jaime King is, too.

The celebrity recently visited celebrity hairstylist Kiley Fitzgerald to get what's being touted as the modern perm. She documented the entire process on Instagram, taking a before pic of her blonde hair wrapped up in rods, and an after shot of her beachy waves. Instead of the tighly wound curls that usually resulted from the process, the 2018 version features looser curls and waves that last for weeks on end.

VIDEO: Perms Are Coming Back—but They’re Getting a Modern Makeover.

Now, we have an even closer look at King's hairstyle, as she debuted her waves at the Rachel Zoe Fall 2018 Presentation in Los Angeles. The subtle bends in the hair add movement and texture to her overall look, and complement her bold fringe perfectly. It actually looks like she spent a day at the beach and let the salt water work its magic.

Consider this another reason you should explore the trending hair treatment in the new year.