Is Jaime King at Work on Her Own Fashion Line?

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It’s no secret that we here at InStyle are big fans of Jaime King’s style, whether it’s her laid-back looks we spot on the street or her enviable maternity choices on and off the red carpet. So when we found out that the mom of two had designed a clothing line for babies with Sapling Child, a jewelry line for moms with Juno Lucina, and a line of maternity jeans for moms-to-be with A Pea in the Pod, we got to thinking (with fingers crossed): might she launch her own line of clothing soon?

“Absolutely,” she tells us. “I'm just so picky when it comes to fashion, and it has to be the right fit. Everything that I do I do very thoughtfully, so I know exactly what it is that I want to design as far as menswear and womenswear, it's just finding the right partner to do it with.”

We caught up with King to chat about her myriad fashion endeavors, how being a mother has changed her (she is mom to James Knight, nearly 2, and Leo Thames, two months), and whether or not there are more kids in the future for her and husband of seven years Kyle Newman.

Where did you find inspiration for your jewelry line with Juno Lucina?
"Once you discover this beauty of having a child, it just really changes you. You learn to really let go of control and you see a freedom and this quantum meaning within your children that's just so incredibly exquisite. You start to look at yourself—and the world—in a totally different way than you ever expected. And so I looked at the diamonds, and I look at the rainbows that they reflect in the right light, and that's what I think about in my imagination—how it reflects all the different sides of us."

What is it about becoming a mother that so drastically changes your worldview?
"It's everything, from the smallest thing. You can't just sleep in whenever you want. It's not like you can just leave the house whenever you want. And you have a responsibility that's very different from ever before, so immediately you're providing a structure to your life that didn't previously exist. Immediately something else will always come before you, and immediately you start to realize that it's truly a miracle, and you're terrified. At least I was when my first baby was born because you're like 'What do I do? I don't even know what I'm doing with my own life!'"

Your eco-friendly baby line with Sapling Child is launching in the United States. Can you tell us more about that?
"Yes! I am super excited about that. I worked on that collection for almost a year, designing every single piece and every color palette. It was very meticulously designed, and very much inspired by my son and where I grew up. I feel very proud to be putting something on children that I know is non-toxic and all organic and vegetable dyed, and it's good for the planet and it's good for the soul."

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How so?
"[The designs] transcend gender, which is really important to me. We can have fun, vibrant, bright colors and we don't have to stick to these rules and regulations about 'Boys shouldn't have this, and girls should have that.' I really think that if that's your preference, fine, that's available, but I want to be able to blur the lines and let our kids be free to express themselves in a way that they would like to express themselves."

When we covered your wedding in 2007, you told us that you’d like to have at least three kids. Still true?
"I had a nightmare the other day that I woke up pregnant with three children, so I think I'm going to hold on that for a while!"

Well, we will miss your maternity style until then, which we are big fans of. Any tips for dressing the bump?
"When you are pregnant, it's an incredible time to embrace your sensuality and your femininity, and your new curves and changing body. Rather than hide it, celebrate it. You can wear really tight, stretchy clothes because it feels good and it's more comfortable. I understand it's hard because you feel like crap, and you're throwing up, and you're exhausted and all of these things, but I think that putting on something that makes you feel nice, or getting your nails done, is incredibly important to the process of pregnancy because it's a way to pamper and honor yourself and the incredible journey that you're on."

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