He gets it from his mama!

When it comes to celebrity mini-me's, Jaden Smith and his mom, Jada Pinkett, aren't exactly the first to come to mind. That's probably because Jaden seems to have inherited most of his facial features from his dad, Will. But that's all about to change, thanks to a hilarious side-by-side photo Jada recently posted on Twitter.

On Tuesday, Jada, 45, shared a photo comparing 19-year-old Jaden to herself from her days as Lena James on A Different World,and we have to admit, the similarities are uncanny. "The moment you realize your son doesn't only look like his father," Jada tweeted alongside the funny pic with a smiley face.

OK, so maybe the practiced facial expression and matching red outerwear weren't coincidences, but we're more than happy to pretend it was a happy accident. Either way, there's no denying that the actor/model/rapper is his mother's son.