Jada Pinkett Smith - Jimmy Fallon
Credit: Courtesy YouTube

It should come as no surprise that Jada Pinkett Smith is friends with a number of celebrities, as she is one herself and also married to one. But she may not be so great at guessing the identity of celebrities that aren't movie stars, as we learned during a game of Famous Face Off on The Tonight Show Wednesday. The game is similar to Catch Phrase in that each player takes turns holding up a cut-out of a celebrity's face and guessing the identity based on clues from their partner. Pinkett Smith and host Jimmy Fallon were on a team while Andy Cohen was brought in to join The Roots member Tariq "Black Thought" Trotter on the opposing team. "I can't wait to beat you on your own show," said Cohen.

The game started off swimmingly with everyone guessing correctly and quickly. "He was a wrestler and now he's just a fine ass actor," said Pinkett Smith describing Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, which Fallon quickly guessed. "All of her songs are about boyfriends," said Trotter of Taylor Swift, which Cohen then named. "Your husband!" said Fallon when Pinkett Smith held up a mask of Will Smith. "Will Smith!" she said excitedly.

In the second round, the Gotham actress managed to guess Sofía Vergara besides Fallon's terrible accent. After Fallon guessed Kanye West correctly after Pinkett Smith's description, suddenly things got a little interesting when Cohen held up Frankenstein's face. "So characters are allowed? Suddenly Frankenstein is allowed? That's a person?!" said Cohen. And apparently world leaders as well, as Pinkett Smith then held up a Vladamir Putin mask in front of her face, but couldn't guess it in time.

With the two teams tied, they each quickly guessed Tom Hanks, Charlie Brown, and LeBron James, but when Pinkett Smith held up a Bono mask she could not get Fallon's clues. "He's an Irish stud?" a confused Smith said. Sorry, Bono.

Watch Pinkett Smith, Cohen, and Fallon face off in Famous Face Off in the clip below.