Child Protective Services had gotten involved, leaving Pinkett Smith "furious."


Jada Pinkett Smith said Child Protective Services once came to her house after she and husband Will Smith were accused of starving then-13-year-old daughter Willow.

In an episode of her Facebook show Red Table Talk, Pinkett Smith, 48 and Willow, now 19, recalled that the incident began with a seemingly-innocuous photo of Willow lying in bed with a shirtless family friend, Moises Arias, then 20.

Though Willow maintained the photo had "no sexual intonation whatsoever" and that Arias was like "a brother," CPS received a complaint that the Smiths were starving their daughter, and an investigation ensued that left Pinkett Smith "furious."

Jada Pinkett Smith Was Accused of Starving Willow
Credit: Amanda Edwards

"It was one of those blatant moments that you just realize there's a difference here … What's considered sexual if you have black skin and inappropriate versus white," Pinkett Smith said.

While recalling their experiences with the investigation, Pinkett Smith called out her daughter for making the CPS worker think she had only eaten a bowl of cereal that day.

"They already think we’re starving you, you’re going to walk in with a bowl of cereal at two o’clock and say this is your first meal! I was like, ‘Lord Jesus take the wheel,'" she recalled.

"I walked in with a bowl of cereal specifically because I knew that they said you were starving me," Willow responded. "I was like, 'You know what? I’m going to walk in with food and eat the entire time! I’m going to eat throughout the entire interview!'"

Despite the scary ordeal, Pinkett Smith said it turned out to be a bonding moment for the family.

"We really locked up together as a family," she said. "It was like, 'Oh, we’re getting attacked,' so the kids got to see for the first time why Will and I had been so protective."