As if Room wasn’t proof enough that Jacob Tremblay is the most talented young actor of his generation, the new trailer for his movie, Wonder, will make you bawl. Tremblay stars as a boy named Auggie with facial deformities who is heading to school for the first time as a fifth grader.

“I know I’m not an ordinary 10-year-old kid. I’ve had 27 surgeries. They’ve helped me to breathe, to see, to hear without a hearing aid. But none of them have made me look ordinary,” he says in the tear-jerking trailer.

“You are not ugly, Auggie,” his mom (Julia Roberts) says in the trailer. “You just have to say that because you’re my mom,” he tearfully responds.

“Because I’m your mom, it counts the most, because I know you the most.” Cue the waterworks.

Watch the emotional trailer at top, where Auggie navigates the waters of elementary school and finds friends who seem him for who he truly is.

Wonder hits theaters Nov. 17.