By Olivia Bahou
Updated Oct 05, 2016 @ 6:30 am
Jacob Tremblay Insta - Lead
Credit: jacobtremblay/Instagram

Happy birthday, Jacob Tremblay! One of Hollywood’s youngest and brightest breakout stars turns 10 years old today, and luckily the young actor keeps an active Instagram account—monitored by mom and dad—to keep us updated on everything he’s been up to since stealing our hearts in Room.

Whether he’s playing with his adorable puppy, Rey (named after a character in his favorite movie, Star Wars), lip syncing in the car, or enjoying a day with his family, Jacob always looks to be having a blast. Our favorite ‘grams, though, are those where he runs into another member of Hollywood’s elite—and they always look equally ecstatic to be meeting each other.

He’s thrown a punch at Sylvester Stallone, started a boy band with Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte, and even posed for a rare awards show selfie with one of his idols, Leonardo DiCaprio—in matching tuxedos, no less.

In honor of Jacob’s big day, join us in taking a look back at 21 times he charmed Hollywood’s biggest stars.