By Jennifer Ferrise
Updated Mar 01, 2013 @ 4:44 pm
Jack the Giant Slayer
Credit: Matthew Brookes

In Jack the Giant Slayer,in theaters today, star Nicholas Hoult plays Jack, a farmhand that fights giants and protects the earth—all while romancing a feisty princess, played by Eleanor Tomlinson. So what's the craziest thing that the British co-stars have done for love in real life? "I've been coaxed onto Jet Skis by a girlfriend," said Hoult in our March issue. "I thought, I've seen this—you just get on and cruise around. In reality, the sea is quite choppy and you're bouncing around. I couldn't unclasp my fingers for hours!" It seems Tomlinson is just as adventurous. "My boyfriend said, 'let's go skydiving,'" the actress told us. "He said, 'Will you do it for me'? I jumped out of a plane for love. At 13,000 feet." Looks like it's all or nothing for these actors—both on screen and off! Read more about Nicholas Hoult and Eleanor Tomlinson by flipping to page 548 of InStyle's March issue. On the go? Download it on your tablet!

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