Ivanka Trump
Credit: Courtesy

We all know that Ivanka Trump works hard—she is the founder of her own eponymous fashion company, a real estate executive, wife, and mother of two (with a third on the way)—but the multi-hyphenate isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. “Half of the time I’m walking around a construction site, then I’m transitioning into the evening, having drinks with the girlfriends or meeting with my husband, and then racing back home to put the kids to bed,” she said at a preview of her clothing and accessories line Thursday evening in a metallic, floral cocktail dress of her own design. “I have less time, so I’m a much more efficient decision maker.”

And that is ever so applicable to her current fashion routine. “My mornings are really about being with my children, so I tend to lay out my outfit the night before when my children are asleep, so I can have a quick turn around time in the morning,” she said. “I like a lot of versatility. I think the way we are dressing today is, were not coming home to change between the various roles were playing, so I’ll get dressed, then be on the floor with my kids in the morning or dropping them off at school and carrying their book bags, and that’s the same outfit I’m wearing to board meetings. Clothing has to work really hard for us because a lot of time we don’t have time to change.”

That’s a far cry from her memories as a child of her mother Ivana’s glamorous closet. “I remember growing up my mother had a work wardrobe,” she says. “It was this very compartmentalized area of her closet. It was suits, but she would never wear those suits out on a date with my father!”

As for beauty, Trump admits she doesn’t have the luxury to keep up these days. “My beauty routine has probably changed the most dramatically,” she says. “Gone are the days of manicures. I’ll do manicures, but I wont wear nail polish because I don’t have time to change it and I chip my nail polish so quickly. I cannot last three days! I think it’s the typing and the use, or overuse of tech. I’m the chip queen!”