Where Was Ivanka Trump During the Kavanaugh Hearings?

While the rest of the world was enthralled by Christine Blasey Ford's testimony and the heartbreaking recounting of her experiences with Brett Kavanaugh, Ivanka Trump had her head in the clouds. In the days leading up to the Senate hearing, she's made no effort to issue any sort of statement on the matter, choosing instead to focus on her U.N. address and a trip to the NASA Johnson Space Center.

Yahoo reports that Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley used social media to laud Ivanka Trump for "advancing global women's economic empowerment" during a visit to the United Nations. While she was happy to give her thoughts on women's empowerment, it was clear that her stance on the Kavanaugh accusations would remain the same.

She wasn't taking any of her own advice, however, because Ivanka has remained silent on the Kavanaugh matter since they surfaced earlier this summer. Rumors circulated that she'd told her father to just choose another nominee, but it was done in private. Without issuing anything on the matter publicly, she's only giving critics who call her "complicit" more ammunition to lob her way.

Ivanka Trump

Those same critics are urging her to speak up, but it seems that their messages are falling on deaf ears.

Just like her stepmother, Ivanka seems to be content staying in the background of all the controversy surrounding President Trump. But, like Melania, some think that Ivanka is using her fashion choices to make a statement. No, she's not wearing graffiti-splattered statement outerwear just yet, but she did wear a white pantsuit recently, which has become a symbol of female solidarity. She's also worn a black dress, causing some to speculate that she's lending some modicum of support to the #BelieveSurvivors campaign.

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