Ivanka Trump has gradually been going blonder since her family entered the White House. After transitioning from honey blonde highlights to a brighter, icier tone, Trump is trying another new look: She just chopped her hair into the style of the season.

While on a visit to Colombia on September 3, Trump showed up to a meeting with female police cadets at General Santander National Police Academy in Bogota with dramatically shorter hair. The Advisor to the US President's new cut is a blunt bob that hits just below the chin. She styled it sleek and straight with a center part.

Ivanka Trump
Credit: Raul Arboleda/Getty Images

The bob, one of 2019's biggest hair trends, is a versatile look whether you work in politics or Hollywood (or both). And it's a cut that Trump's familiar with. She previously had a bob back in her modeling days. In 2005, she wore a short, above-the-chin bob with a deep side part to the Met Gala.

Ivanka Trump
Credit: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

A major hair change can signify personal change, but it can also just be a way to start a new season fresh. Guess we'll have to wait to see what motivated this massive cut.