Bruno - Dolce & Gabanna - Sacha Baron Cohen
Credit: Fotonoticias/WireImage;Jeffrey Ufberg/WireImage

While promoting his new movie Bruno over the past few weeks, we've seen Sacha Baron Cohen in many outrageous looks, from a flamboyant bull costume in Madrid (far left) to a naughty beefeater get-up in London, but when the funnyman stepped out in New York City yesterday (near left), he looked quite debonair in a handsome blue suit and fedora. He might have seemed like himself, but as it turns out, he was still keeping in character. Though Baron Cohen wore the Dolce and Gabbana suit for an his appearance as himself on The Late Show with David Letterman, he brought a little Bruno along with him—the Austrian fashion reporter loves the Italian label! Prepare yourself for the shocking comedy by watching this spoiler and practicing your Austrian accent—you'll be repeating Bruno's one-liners over and over after the film's wide-release in theaters this weekend.