The 5 It Bags You Need to Know for Fall 2015

Chanel - Paris Fashion Week - Fall/Winter 2015/2016 - March 10, 2015
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Ever since we spotted these gorgeous bags on the runways of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Fendi, and up-and-coming Mansur Gavriel, we've been fantasizing about how they'd look over our shoulders. And now that these pieces of arm candy are about to hit stores, we've created a cheat sheet to fall's most coveted styles, complete with details on how you can score them before they fly off the shelves. Scroll down to see the 5 bags that'll be landing on your wish lists come fall.

1. The Chanel Mosaic

It Bags - Chanel

Why it's hot: Karl Lagerfeld re-created a gigantic French brasserie in the Grand Palais to stage March's Chanel show, which embodied, he said, an "idealized version of today's Paris." The collection was the talk of tout Paris—especially this bag, whose tiles, crafted by the Maison Lesage, mimic the setting's floors.

Chances of getting one: Since private clients reserve these collector's items before they even land on the sales floor, your best bet, says our insider sleuth, is to befriend a salesperson at a less-trafficked locale, like a boutique within a department store.

Chanel, $9,000; for stores.

2. The Saint Laurent College Monogram

It Bags - Saint Laurent
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Why it's hot:The 2013 Monogram collection, a series of bags showcasing Cassandre's classic logo, was one of creative director Hedi Slimane's biggest smashes. This season he adds a top-handle cross-body to the line, and for the first time it's slouchy and features silver hardware.

Chances of getting one:Solid. This shape will be a new cornerstone of the line.

Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane, $2,450; at

3. The Fendi Peekaboo Clutch

It Bags - Fendi

Why it's hot: The Italian house's Peekaboo style—introduced in 2009 to "satisfy the most sophisticated women," said Fendi designer Silvia Venturini Fendi—became a best seller because of its visible interior pocket. Now the pocket is stepping out solo as a clutch. Brava!

Chances of getting one: Don't wait: The calf-hair clutch is available only in limited quantities, and most can be found at Fendi's Madison Avenue flagship store. Call to reserve yours.

Fendi, $4,150; at Fendi, 212-897-2244.

4. Mansur Gavriel's Lady Bag

It Bags - Mansur Gavirel

Why it's hot: Thank Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel for last year's bucket-bag craze. This season the duo is betting that the addition of a smaller strap will incite similar fervor. "This is an elegant and sophisticated bag that is also classic, cool, and practical," says Mansur.

Chances of getting one: Pink, our favorite hue, might go quickly, but don't sweat it: There are 26 colors total in two leathers.

Mansur Gavriel, $1,195; in different colors.

5. Louis Vuitton's Twist

It Bags - Louis Vuitton

Why it's hot:After more than 115 years, the iconic LV logo got a makeover (in a modern sans serif), and it's driving Hollywood wild. Miranda Kerr and Brie Larson have sported the denim-inspired fold-over, as has Beyoncé, who wore it to meet the Duchess of Cambridge.

Chances of getting one: Good, and now that it's a hit with stars, LV is offering more options, like an emerald croc-embossed version.

Louis Vuitton, $3,250; at

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