So, That's Why Steve Jobs Wore a Mock Turtleneck Every Day

Ask anyone what Steve Jobs liked to wear. The Apple co-founder is indelibly associated with his black mock turtleneck—and now, you can get in on the geeky-chic look.

According to Bloomberg Pursuits, Miyake retired the particular style Jobs wore in 2011. But, the company will drop a new, similar item dubbed the Semi-Dull T next month. The $270, cotton-poly garment is not exactly like the one you used to see at every iPhone- update announcement—but it's close. The new piece will be a bit slimmer in its silhouette and will have higher shoulders. But, we still think it will make for a pretty genius uniform.

And speaking of uniforms, there's a fascinating story behind Jobs' decision to don his monastic Issey Miyake top every. Settle in for story time!

In the early 1980's, Bloomberg Pursuits says, Jobs toured the headquarters of Sony Corp. in Japan. While there, he noticed that all its employees—ranging from the big boss to factory workers—wore the same, blue-and-white work jackets.

Sony had had its dress code in place since its founding in 1946. Then a war-torn country, Japan was facing a financial crisis and most of its residents didn't have the means for polished wardrobes. So, the uniform was meant to give employees a professional appearance and help them bond as a team. At the time Jobs visited Sony, it had arranged for Miyake to design a new uniform.

Inspired, Jobs asked Miyake to design a prototype vest for all Apple employees to wear. But when the tycoon presented the idea back in the Valley, well, he got booed off stage. That didn't mean, however, that Jobs himself couldn't follow his bliss. He ended up commissioning 100 black turtlenecks from Miyake, and paired them with his Levi's jeans and New Balance sneakers on the daily. All hail the OG #normcore.

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