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Christina Shanahan
Jan 28, 2016 @ 3:30 pm

Here's a smartwatch that doesn't force you to sacrifice style for function: Issac Mizrahi has teamed up with HP to bring his sleek aesthetic to a brand-new connected tank watch. Launching today, the watch (compatible with both iOS and Android) lets you receive incoming calls, texts, emails, meeting alerts, and notifications from your social media platforms. The integration of the technology is super subtle, and it's designed to look like a classic timepiece—the backlight screen only flashes when you have an alert.

"I knew I didn't want this to look like the average smartwatch," says Mizrahi. "It's hard to integrate something so modern and mechanical-looking into a feminine piece, and I wanted the design to be a hidden treasure." Since the analog movement is powered by a traditional watch battery that lasts several years, the smart capabilities have a battery life that lasts five days or more without needing to be charged. Available to order at, the watch retails for $250, and you can purchase interchangeable bands in five colors for $39 each.

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