Isn't It Nice to Be Beyonce: See the Singer's $5,500 Custom Sneaker Wedges

King Bey sneakers
Photo: WireImage; Courtesy Photo (2)

PMK Customs considers itself the "Maybach" of the couture sneaker world, which is why when Jay-Z and Beyonce wanted their kicks customized, they turned to founder Andre Scott. The brand crafted Jay's red Nike-striped "Brooklyn Zoo" Jordans out of a hybrid of luxury reptile skins ($2,500), and Queen Bey liked them so much, she asked the designer to put a fresh twist on her Isabel Marant wedges, too. That's how her creamy "King Bey" shoes came to be, an ostrich/crocodile/anaconda mix stitched together with gold thread ($5,500). "[The customization] mimics the southern belle's sweet and fierce persona," Scott told "They are two very humble and inspirational people, and to have them part of our network is a true blessing." Especially when the customers are so impressed by extreme attention to detail—Johnson said he had no edits to the specialized pieces. Check out more of PMK's custom works at and follow their Twitter @pmkcustoms.

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