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Spend a nanosecond with designers Isabel and Ruben Toledo, and it's clear the two are as passionate about their work as they are about each other. That’s why their latest collaboration might be the closest to their hearts: They’re releasing two fragrances each inspired by their own love story.

"We wanted to use scent to create two personalities," says Mr. Toledo. "The first is very lighthearted and easygoing and the second very mysterious and complex. We wanted them to live together—kind of like us!"

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The fragrances, Crystal Honey ($53; and Kuba Rose ($53;, nod to Mr. and Mrs. Toledo, respectively. “I’m almost always alone in my studio, but Isabel is outgoing, loves to dance, truly Cuban in every sense of the word!” Mr. Toledo explains. But like any great relationship, the scents have notes in common, like jasmine and grapefruit, albeit expressed in very different ways. While Crystal Honey evokes summer days and juicy apples, Kuba Rose is warmer and muskier.

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Available exclusively at Lane Bryant (“Being the only scent in a store is so special; it allows for the customer to have a much richer, uncluttered experience,” says Mrs. Toledo), each fragrance is housed in an art-deco inspired bottle, modeled after the skylight in their studio—a personal touch to complement very personal scents.