Why leave a classic style alone when you can tear it apart and Frankenstein it back together again? 

By Isabel Jones
Updated Jan 25, 2019 @ 10:00 am

Though a wardrobe staple for decades, denim just really isn’t doing enough. Sure, it launched Brooke Shields’s career and gave us the most iconic red carpet look of the 21st century, but there’s still a lot of unchartered territory when it comes to the jean family … Or at least that’s what Irina Shayk and her stylist think.

The model followed in the footsteps of her enterprising denim forebearers on Wednesday, arriving at Jean Paul Gaultier’s Paris Couture Week show in a sheer black blouse with a blue velvet blazer and a pair of denim shorts — er, jeans?

You see, midway down Shayk’s thigh, her pant legs disappear — and then reappear and flare down to the floor where they meet her black boots. But does this mean she’s wearing a pair of jeans with a mid-thigh cut-out, or a pair of denim shorts and a matching set of over-the-knee boots?

Credit: Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Getty Images

It’s jean-ception!

Of course, it’s not hard to draw a comparison between the 33-year-old’s denim double-dose and the mini jean boots Jennifer Lopez shocked and delighted us with over the summer.

Credit: Josiah Kamau/Getty Images

Shayk has made it clear that she’s boyfriend Bradley Cooper’s red carpet bae this awards season. Fingers crossed she can convince him to go full Britney and Justin at the Oscars.

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