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Updated Nov 13, 2015 @ 8:00 pm
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Here at InStyle, we all tune in to ABC’s TGIT lineup every Thursday night like clockwork. So when How to Get Away with Murder star Jack Falahee—aka Connor Walsh, one of the students mentored by the defense powerhouse Annalise Keating (Viola Davis)—stopped by our New York City offices Friday, we couldn’t wait to grill him about HTGAWM for a live Periscope Q&A on @InStyle’s Twitter page. In our 10-minute sesh, Falahee revealed everything from shooting the show’s steamiest scenes (like the super-sexy montage at the end of last night’s episode) to his IRL feelings about hugs (he hates them), and he didn’t plead the fifth on a single one. Scroll down to read the highlights in case you missed it, and be sure to check it out on @InStyle’s Twitter page until Saturday, Nov. 14 at 12:08 p.m. ET.

How are you and your character similar or different in real life?
“We’re pretty dissimilar to be honest. Connor is much more put together than Jack. We’re both go-getters and work hard, but I was a pretty terrible student to be honest—not like Connor.”

Last night’s episode was pretty steamy. Do you ever watch yourself onscreen?
“I’m like getting sweaty just thinking about it. No, I don’t watch those scenes. They’re pretty awkward to shoot. You’re in front of a big group of people and there are cameras and lights, so it’s a little awkward.”

Have you become comfortable filming those scenes?
“I don’t know that it’s something you can be comfortable with. I encourage you all to have sex or simulated sex in front of fifty people and see how it feels. I don’t know if it gets better, but it’s part of the job. And Conrad [Ricamora] is a buddy of mine, and we get through it. We have a good laugh.”

What do you do afterwards?
“I’ll pretty quickly have a beer and a shot or two of whiskey to just kind of mellow out.”

How has Connor evolved from total playboy to perfect boyfriend?
“I don’t know if Connor is the perfect boyfriend. I think that Connor didn’t think he would fall for this guy, but he did and it’s changed him. He’s much more grounded now, and he has someone that depends on him and that he has to support and take care of. That can change a guy.”

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Do you know that the couple name for Connor and his boyfriend, Oliver Hampton (Conrad Ricamora) is Coliver? There’s even Coliver fan fiction.
“Yes. There’s a bunch of them. I’ve been on Tumblr, which is psychotic but I love it. I’ve read a little bit of it. I think that we should have a contest where all of the fan fiction writers on Tumblr get to submit spec episodes, and then they can come write for the show.”

Which episode has been your favorite to shoot so far?
“The pilot. It was cool because we were just in Philadelphia and we had all just met. It was kind of like the first day of school. We had the jitters and we got to shoot out in the woods. It was rad.”

Which was your favorite episode to shoot this season?
“This season, my favorite episode to shoot was probably the mid-season finale [which airs next week]. I know that’s obnoxious and teasing, but it’s crazy. The end of it is just nuts—I didn’t see it coming at all.”

Have you learned anything about law from the show?
“I’ve learned a lot about cutting up bodies and disposing of them.”

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Do you think you’d make a good lawyer in real life?
“No. My sister’s a great lawyer, but I would be horrendous.”

Are you friends with your co-stars in real life?
“No, I’m just a really good actor! Yes, I am [friends with them]. We get along really well. I think we were lucky in that regard, because I don’t know if that’s often the case on shows. We’re at work—sometimes you don’t get along with your coworkers.”

What’s it like to work with Viola Davis?
“It’s the best. She’s incredible and she’s always been an idol of mine. So it’s really been a dream to be able to go in every day and do the work with her.”

In next week’s episode, her character gets shot. Did you find out who did it yet?
“Yeah, we shot that and you’ll find out next week. I’m not telling [who did it], but it’s not who I thought it was.”

If you committed a crime, who from the show would you want to defend you?
“No one, probably. I think Laurel would be kind of a good lawyer, but maybe not. Not Connor. Not Annalise—definitely not Annalise.”

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Who would win a light saber battle: you or your co-star, Matt McGorry?
“Me. Definitely me.”

What’s the best way for fans to approach you?
“Don’t hug me, [but] you can come up and say hi. I’m always down to have a chat, but not a hug, if I’m being honest.”

Why don't you like hugs?
“I don’t know. I just don’t like the close quarters. Is that weird? It’s kind of weird. Most people like hugs.”

Did you read any books to help you become an actor?
“I read a lot of Stanislavski-based teachings and a little bit of Meisner. I went to NYU Tisch [School of the Arts] and studied for many years.”

What music are you listening to at the moment?
“I’m listening to the new Tame Impala album, which is great. And the Hamilton soundtrack, which I’m seeing tonight on Broadway and I’m very excited about.”

Do you have a favorite movie?
“I’m really into animated films. Toy Story is probably top five on my list.”

What is your favorite show to binge watch?
“I just watched Peaky Blinders on Netflix, which is great. I’m one of those guys that when I was in college, I would fall asleep to an episode of How I Met Your Mother almost every night. And I just worked with Josh Radnor on Mercy Street, which I shot for PBS, and now that’s ruined because I know Josh. Now when I turn on How I Met Your Mother, I’m like, ‘You’re not Ted Mosby. You’re Josh Radnor.’ Sorry, Josh.”

Where do you want to travel next?
“I’m going to Spain soon, which I’m really excited about. I’ve never been. And then pretty soon [I’m going to] Berlin, which I hear is pretty rad.”

How do you get your hair to look so perfect?
“I run my hands through it a lot. To be honest, I don’t do anything with it. I have professionals who do it on the show, but in my real life I’m sweaty and I have this messy hair. That’s the real Jack.”