By InStyle Staff
Updated Jan 01, 2016 @ 10:45 am
Credit: Matthew Ward/Getty Images

A new year often brings a natural inclination to take stock and motivate ourselves, somehow, to take a step towards improvement in some shape or form. This applies to how we handle our stuff, too.

Now is the perfect time to swing open those closets, reach up high over the dusty stacks of college sweatshirts, and start purging. Not to get all Marie Kondo on this task, but there’s no greater feeling than getting rid of what we don’t need to either make room for new things (that we may or may not need), or finally give our closets the breathing space they so deserve.

Whether you’re an oblivious underwear hoarder or still have items with tags hanging in your closet, read through for some easy ways to tackle one of life’s most onerous chores: InStyle's 20 Best Closet Organizing Tips, Ever.