WRN VR Promo

What’s it really like to walk the red carpet at a star-studded Hollywood party? Come with Bella Thorne and InStyle Virtual as we take you inside our celebrity-packed Golden Globes after-party!

Your virtual voyage begins at the Beverly Hilton where you see Bella get ready for—in her own words—“one of Hollywood’s hottest parties.” Before you know it, you’re in the hotel lobby with Bella, preparing to step foot on the red carpet, where you’ll say "hi" to guests like Kate Hudson and Sylvester Stallone, and feel what it’s like to have the paparazzi shout your name.

Once inside, you’ll dance with The Flash actor Grant Gustin, chat with nominee Gina Rodriguez (who tells you just how she plans to run away with her gorgeous Neil Lane earrings), and get a view of the dance floor from the DJ booth. All with Bella by your side as your VIP guide. Thanks to our immersive 360 video experience, you’ll be a red carpet veteran in no time.

Below, you can watch the full experience using your mobile device or desktop computer. Simply move your phone around or use your computer’s arrow keys to access the 360 view. Ready for something even more immersive? Download one of our recommended apps on your phone, grab a viewer, and let's get this party started!

Visit for more detailed how-to instructions, and check out our first foray into VR with Drew Barrymore at her November 2015 cover shoot.