What does one wear for a day of back-to-back New York Fashion Week shows? Take a page out of InStyle Fashion Director Melissa Rubini's book.

Melissa Rubini – Day 7 – Lead
Credit: Shayan Asadi for InStyle.com

About the Look: “I kept the outfit monochromatic and played with textures—the idea was to mix feminine and masculine silhouettes. The challenge during fashion week is to wear one look that will go from a.m. to p.m. in five seconds. Once I take the jacket off, I have this gorgeous, ready-to-party Boss dress underneath.”

Melissa Rubini – Day 7 – Embed
Credit: Shayan Asadi For InStyle.com

What's Melissa's Wearing: Boss dress (similar styles here), J.Crew jacket (similar styles here), Boss heels (similar styles here), Saint Laurent sunglasses (similar styles here)

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