By Isabel Jones
Jan 08, 2017 @ 11:45 pm

InStyle Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown sat down with PEN (People/Entertainment Weekly Network) ahead of the 74th Golden Globe Awards ceremony on Sunday evening to discuss the grueling, yet exciting, process of awards show prep and, of course, to share some styling tips.

When it comes to getting ready, Brown admitted that she often underestimates the demands of the process. “I always do less prep than I should, and I realized you can’t go by the seat of your pants with a red carpet dress—because if you don’t have the right pants for your seat, you’re screwed,” she said.

The one thing she can’t live with out when it comes to an elegant event like the Globes? “My eyebrows. They can go away—they need to remain on my face,” Brown joked. “No, it’s the heels, the little ball of foot pads in high heel shoes. It’s insane how few women actually use them. And that saves your feet and your bacon, so that is my number one—also, some lobster tacos I just had.” Um, please bring some back to the office, Laura.

VIDEO: 2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet Fashion


Brown also shared her key to dressing with ease and confidence: “I think if you have a brand that you know you feel good in, that’s a good start,” she said. For Brown, Valentino claims that role. “I wouldn’t want to try something I didn’t automatically know I was going to feel great in—otherwise you’re just going to have a total meltdown.”

For more tips and award show insight from Brown, watch the video above!

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