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Your sports bra does more than provide support during an intense workout sesh—it also adds a cute accent to your strappy sweat-wicking tank or low-back tee. But as for the best sports bra to get your sweat on? It seems as though everyone has an opinion on the matter. That's why we surveyed five InStyle editor who listed their number one faves and reasons why.

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"For me, seeing a cool graphic print helps motivate me to get up and get moving!"—Mia Solkin, Market Editor

Shop the piece: Juicy Couture, $68;

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"I'm a runner and I have yet to find anything that even comes close to giving this much stability and support. Seriously, nothing moves! It also has easily adjustable Velcro straps in the front (genius!) for a perfect fit."—Stephanie Trong, Senior Fashion Editor

Shop the piece: Brooks, $30-$50;

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"This bra is perfect for light workouts, such as yoga or Pilates, and I love the three different prints it comes in."—Rebecca Carhart, Fashion Assistant

Shop the piece: Live the Process, $85;

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"Considering my primary form of fitness is a pole dancing class I take, I want to feel somewhat cute while building that upper body strength. This bra has just enough padding, which is totally breathable, and keeps my assets in place should any of the advanced-level tricks come into play."—Marianne Mychaskiw, Assistant Beauty Editor

Shop the piece: Victoria's Secret, $55-$64;

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"This is literally the only sports bra I own! I wear it to everything from yoga to a three-mile run in the park, and it's always comfortable with its coverage and maximum support. I'm convinced it prevents gravity's pull from affecting where my D-cups sit—seriously!"—Elyse Maloni, Accessories Assistant

Shop the piece: Lululemon Athletica, $58;

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