An InStyle Editor Shares Her #NYFW Guide to New York City

Fashion week actually spans an entire month, with a week dedicated to each of the four fashion capitals of the world: New York City, London, Milan, and Paris. As seasoned showgoers, InStyle editors know the ins and outs of each city. We asked Accessories Editor Danielle Prescod to share her go-to spots, favorite landmarks, and local boutique in NYC.

NYC Guide - Blog Lead
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1. Where do you go for a drink in between shows?
Well, I don’t drink alcohol so I always make sure to stop for a juice somewhere if I can. Liquiteria is my favorite place.

2. What's the landmark you never fail to Insta?
Ok well, Instagramming a landmark is kind of wack when there is so much going on around you, so I guess I will say my shoes if I find a cool floor or prop.

3. What is your favorite local boutique?
I love Reformation. The clothing fits me so well and it's environmentally friendly, so that always makes me feel good about shopping there. Pictured above: Reformation Carson dress ($118;

4. What's your favorite place to grab dinner?
I love Bottino because it is on the West side and has an amazing garden in the back. I went there for dinner last season and saw Madonna.

5. Which place serves the best coffee?
I don't drink coffee either. God, I know. I am so boring, but right next to Milk Studios is this cute place called Blue Bottle Coffee. I can vouch for its chai tea latte.

6. What's the night spot to see and be seen?
Your bed. Seriously, take some selfies for Snapchat.

7. What's the best way to spend an afternoon off?
There are not really afternoons off, but I think the best thing to do is something with your friends. During NYFW so many people come to town that I don’t get to see on a regular basis.

8. What's the #1 travel tip for the city?
Wear flats so you can walk. You get to see so much more that way. Pictured above: Michael Kors Collection lace-up flats ($495;

9. What's the best place for a mani/pedi/spa treatment/blow-out?
For manicures: Paintbox; for pedicures: Valley Nails (although they do manicures too); and for a blow-out: Glamsquad (they come right to you!)

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