Fashion week actually spans an entire month, with a week dedicated to each of the four fashion capitals of the world: New York City, London, Milan, and Paris. As seasoned showgoers, InStyle editors know how to pack efficiently when it comes to seeing the Europe shows. We asked Senior Style Editor Ali Pew to share her beauty essentials for London Fashion Week.
Ali Makeup LFW
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This is an under-eye lifesaver. It moisturizes and (I hope) reduces wrinkles and darkness, $85;

This multi-use cream brightens my under-eye bags and covers any blemishes, $59;

My eyelashes never received so many compliments until I started using this mascara. It lengthens, but it also never clumps, $30;

I love the classic scent and the minimal-yet-pretty packaging, $153;

This lip balm is just as good as any old tub of Vaseline (which is also my go-to), but I can actually carry it around. Plus, it gives a nice natural shine, $7;

This toner does double duty; it refreshes and evens out splotchiness, $55;

I use this for everyday protection—even in London. I apply a little bit over my moisturizer, $55;

It provides just enough coverage without looking like I have makeup on, $45;

After a long day, this spray gives my hair the hold and definition it needs for a fun evening ahead, $42;

This balm puts all the moisture back into my hair, which means no split ends, ever, $43;

This cream provides so much moisture, and I love the rose scent, $49;

I love this bright bag and the soft leather is so luxurious—it's perfect for my journey, $220;