Travel Like an Editor: InStyle's Alexandra DeRosa Hits 7 Spots in California

Swimsuit as Part of My Daytime Look
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A few weeks ago one of my oldest friends and I met for dinner and drinks. By noon the very next day, flights, hotels, and one badass rental car (JK, it was a Fiat) were booked. And a week and a day later, we were off.

We hit seven spots in California: San Francisco, Sausalito, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Malibu—all for my first time (grew up in New York). Malibu was my absolute favorite. Everywhere you look it's pure eye candy. Even that picture above was taken on a small path that we dragged ourselves up and down to get to a lookout point (some call this "hiking?") on the Pacific Coast Highway.

When I was thinking about what to pack for our trip, I'll admit for a split second I contemplated the whole L.A style vs. N.Y.C. style thing. I thought to reach for my most laidback boho-inspired pieces (think: cutoff shorts and maxidresses), which, truth be told, are few and far between in my wardrobe. I then decided—somewhat epiphany-style—that just because I'm going to Cali, it doesn't mean I have to dress like it.

So out came a white backless jumpsuit, a leather moto jacket (which I was so thankful for in chilly San Fran), a one-shouldered one-piece swimsuit, a pair of black-and-white snakeskin heels, a black A-line slit skirt, and a few of my other go-to pieces.

It was easy to pick out what to bring, but packing it all? That's a whole different story. If my heart is set on bringing something with me, you better believe it's making it there. Packing isn't even the tough part. It's the re-packing (remember, we went to seven spots in California) and unpacking that kills me, because I can never recreate what I started off with ... which is a thoroughly packed suitcase.

So, what was in it? Click through the gallery to find out and shop what I wore. I take you every step of the way.

And if I can give one style/travel tip: Wear your jewelry for the trips to the airport. It will make going in-and-out of security seamless, your bags lighter, and it takes your comfy airport style to a new level.

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Jewelry That Matches with Everything

Location: In route from San Fransico to Los Angeles

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