Selena Gomez Honors the Man Behind Her Stellar Makeup with a Touching Speech

Selena Gomez is one of the brightest stars in world, but she's all about shining that light on others by giving credit where credit is due. And so it comes as no surprise that this is exactly how she spent her Monday night.

The singer attended the InStyle Awards 2017 to present makeup artist Hung Vanngo with an award for Makeup Artist of the Year, and what she had to say about Vanngo's passion and kindness really struck a chord.

Selena Gomez
Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

"Hung came in and he just radiated passion. And I think that sometimes it can be a little hard to remember why you do what you do and to be passionate about it," Gomez said during a speech. "He doesn't pay attention just to the details of what he's doing to somebody, but he cares about how they feel and how they wear it and [he] works so hard at being on time, caring what other people feel, what other people are doing, and if everybody on the same team, and I just think that's really really special."

Gomez and Vannago have teamed up numerous times on makeup looks for the singer, so having her present his award seemed like the perfect fit.

"He is extremely vibrant, he's funny, he's hilarious, and he cares a lot about me and a lot of people in this room, so I am beyond honored to give you this award Hung," she said. "You deserve it, you have worked so hard and you are absolutely Makeup Artist of the Year."

For his part, Vanngo was pretty grateful for Gomez's kind words. As he thanked important people in his life, he made sure to tip his hat to Gomez specifically.

“And most importantly the lady who has given me a chance to play with her face and paint her face and without her giving me that chance I wouldn’t be here today," he said.

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