Kate Bosworth Says This Supermodel Inspired Her Iconic Beachy Waves at the InStyle Awards

If you looked up "hair goals" in a dictionary, you'd probably see a photo of Kate Bosworth. Her soft beachy hair has captivated onlookers since she was surfing waves in Blue Crush, and it has been the subject of stylists and haircare fans alike ever since.

But getting that style didn't happen immediately, and it took an expert to help her find it—namely, her friend and the 2017 InStyle Awards Hairstylist of the Year winner Harry Josh. The two originally teamed up with a little help and inspiration from none other than Gisele Bündchen.

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"Harry and I worked together for nearly 15 years. I was 19 years old, had just filmed the movie Blue Crush, and I found myself in the whirlwind of Hollywood and fashion. Who did I want on my glam team?" Bosworth said at the InStyle Awards while presenting Josh with the honor. "Though I was literally making my own waves, another type of wave on my mind. I had only one question: Who is responsible for those waves? You know, those effortless cool sexy waves. The Gisele waves."

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When Josh helped her make waves of her very own, they became a match made in haircare heaven.

"Harry brings much more than just precision to his cuts or beach to his waves. He is a creative in every sense of the word. He always knows what will make you feel confident, and Harry has an amazing ability to empower women and to give them the tools to look their best," Bosworth said.

For the actress, it isn't just about hair or aesthetics, and that's part of what makes Josh so special.

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"It goes beyond haircare for Harry. He just cares," Bosworth said. "So for a young 19-year-old girl newly introduced to an industry that can easily be perceived as 'you can't sit with us,' Harry was a smiling ray of light who said 'you can always sit with me.' And he has never changed."

—with reporting by Kim Peiffer

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