Growing your hair out can take forever and even then hair can still be fine and limp. But using clip-on extensions is an easy way to instantly add volume, length, and dimension to your locks; plus, you can try the ubiquitous ombré color without actually dyeing your hair. To learn how to create dramatic lengths with clip-on extensions that can seem overly complicated (but are actually easy to master), we turned to celebrity hairstylist Nathaniel Hawkins to take us through a series of how-to GIFs.

1. Use the tip of a teasing brush (like the Marilyn Teaser brush, $16;, create a section just below your crown. With the bristles of the brush, lightly back comb the roots, giving the clips on your extensions something to clip onto.

2. Take your clip-on extension piece (like Hairdo's 16-inch Ombre Extensions in Hazel Ombre, $49; and starting in the center, clip down into the crown of your head.

3. Stretch the extension to the right, clip in the right clip. Stretch the extension to the left, then clip in the left clip. Securely clip the two bottom clips in at the base.

4. Release the top section of hair over the extensions and integrate with your fingers. Now you've got voluminous, sexy, tossled hair!